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I don't understand the Commision Percentage


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I have been playing bc.game for a while, and I have spread my affiliate link to a couple of people (currently sitting at three people right now... it's not much) and I'm looking at the affiliate percentage:

Wager x House Edge x 25%

So, I calculated it:

If the wager was $1 USD, and the house edge was 1%, that would equal .01 USD, a bit low, but nothing crazy. However, you still have to multiply the 25%, which makes it 0.0025 USD? That means in order to get $1 from the program, your referrals have to bet $400 USD? Am I calculating this right, or did I do something wrong? I'm not complaining about the rates, I am just a bit confused, and want to make sure that I did it right.

(The main reason why I think that this is wrong is because in the 3 minutes my friend signed up, he bet about 2.5 Biden in Limbo (at around 1.01 payout for XP grinding), and in just a minute or so I got 50 Biden, making me wonder if I miscalculated [Don't think he used Turbo mode])


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