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✅safety precautions to win a dice✅


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Good day everyone am echebase23.

Just wanna discuss with you on dangers of loosing lots of bet in casino and the sweetest part.

Kindly login to your bc.game

See the classic dice yoooo 

Make a deposit and wait for few confirmation when it's done cool you have seen ur funds credited (deposit what you can afford to loose)

1. Don't get addicted to bet: when I say this I mean when you roll the first dice you win you win again continuous on 5x u all won and out of addiction and over joy ur mind gonna tell you max all immediately you does that boom the dice goes to red 😭😭 you cry... But inorder to prevent this always set an amount you wish to be getting everyday and you can see yourself Making money than you ever expected.

2. Greed: when you are so great that's the worst time something can happen 

I really love this , you know why because I understood everything and you made it clear, being in a haste to use small crypto to win logs of coin in minutes , imagine betting 0.005 on 100x layouts it's really funny cause at the end of the day you may end up bursting 25btc winning none.

Also never miss to reload page when you  see your loss is too much and also bet on safe bets that will profit you than you useing lots of fund to chase what you know that the dice is like ✅😉 probability equation I really love this topic good luck bro am echebase23 enjoy ur day. 😘😘


Safe bet all hear

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