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Name The New Exclusive Slots At BC.Game. $300 Prize!!


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Hey BC.Game Community. We Need Your Help Again! 

    Dear community, we are very near the release date of our brand new, exclusive and unique slots game. Once again, we can't figure out what to call it. It's not that we lack imagination and creativity. It's because we are very immature. Every name Coco suggested had the word "ass" in it. I don't even want to tell you what Yoko suggested. I'll give you a hint, though. You can probably find the same title somewhere on the first page at PornHub. This is where you come in.... We will be giving big rewards to the player or players that suggest the best title and the best back story. Anything is better than "SlotAss" or "BC Slots"



1.png.    2.jpg

3.jpg     4.jpg

5.jpg     6.jpg

7.jpg     8.jpg

9.jpg     10.jpg



Best Name(Title) = $100

Best Story =$200

How To Enter:

  • Reply to this topic with your suggestion.
  • Entries must be related to the game images. 
  • You do not have to submit a title and a story.
  • You may create a story for someone else's title.
  • You may create a title for someone else's story.
  • Each player may submit 3 different suggestions.
    • That's a maximum of 3 titles and 3 stories each.



  • All entries must be submitted by January 7th, 2021.
  • Entering from multiple accounts will lead to a ban from this and all future challenges.
  • Your BC.Game Forum name must match your BC.Game username that you use in the casino.
  • VIP Level 2 or higher may participate.
  • Reply to this topic only. Do not create a new topic thread. 
  • Do not quote anything on this Topic thread.

Thank You For Your Help In Making BC.Game

The Best Crypto Casino In The World.

BC.Game Team



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The Cairo CryptoKeeper: no story

Ra Doggy and the pursuit of Ass and/or Booty: no story

Ra Dog Riches :

Join Ra in his quest to unlock Massive Multipliers and navigate the ruins of Crypto Hunters before him. Traverse the tombs and always look up, you never know what treasures or tribulations might be hovering.


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TITLE - Egyptian civilization 

STORY - It's about an explorer who ventures of to the Sands of Time to investigate and learn about the Egyptian Civilization.


TITLE - HorusVSseth


Story - Horus and Seth being Egyptian God's.. this game basically is a route to find the truth behind the Gods of Egypt

TITLE - Year of the Pharoah

STORY - basically reveals the times of this earth when Pharoahs rules and the dark secrets with the excitement of actually talking to a God in person.. 

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Hounds and Jackals Slots

Historical Record

Hounds and Jackals is an Egyptian game, which came into existence in the Middle Kingdom, around the 9th Dynasty, circa 2135 – 1986 BCE. It is a racing game, in the same category as Senet, Aseb, and the Royal Game of Ur. 


Can you Help Our Explorer in the Pharaohs Deadly Tomb Uncover the secret passage ways and unlock the secrets of the tomb, Become the first to win it big as you guide your way through traps and passage ways to obtain the Pharaohs Treasure. 


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21 minutes ago, AgentxA said:

How about CryptoGlyphs. 


That's all I got. Hehehe.

You've uncovered an old Egyptian tomb filled with ancient artifacts of the Pharaohs, which is priceless, but you can't take the treasures yet, for it is protected by an ancient array. The only clue is to add crypto coins to match the glyphs and win, the more you bet the higher the chances to win and to lose it all. What will your choice be? 

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