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Absolutely Unplayable


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I would start by asking if it is just me or has BCGames tilted the vajay out of this slot, but chatter between players has confirmed it. This slot is broken to the point compensation should be given to all players who have played this since your ninka updates. 

Why? I have never seen so many skulls, you are literally set to lose from the first press. You are unable to build your multipliers before being slaughtered by either dead spins (i just had 15 dead spins, again) before the skull comes a good 13 times out of 20 spins and it is repeatedly, no matter how many different seeds you use, or create, OR how many times you refresh the seed (i usually spam it for 10 seconds or so for total random selection).

This is a SERIOUS glitch and it NEEDS to be fixed immediately. Ever since the apparent upgrades which coincidently aligned with their massive BTC Voting Campaign there are lower multipliers, dead spins, red/green and stupidly low yellow crashes in a row not just on Cave.

You need only read the chat and see its across the board. Those of us higher VIP play here because it was trust worthy. Now, along woth CCTIP removing the logout button and auto creating an account killing off Affiliates hard work in recruiting, its becoming a scam.

I don't care how you cut my next slice, i'm calling it as it is, you are participating in deception and theft.

Fix this game and ease up before there are repercussions. Also, don't bother asking me for screenshots, or proof in hopes of deterrence, you have the data, fucking look it up yourselves, You get paid/lance enough of peoples "cryptobits". Not impressed.



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This game became cruel and oh so brutal after that "UPDATE", but for some reason I'm still playing it.

I will conquer it one day!!!!

Oh and anyone reading this do yourself a faver and don't ever, ever, ever max bet anything over 5cents you will lose 99.99% of the time even with house coin JB.... 

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I play cave of plunder for hours with my own money and never once get a multiplyer built up even let it autospin through 20$ .000002 btc never once got filled up. Switch to the turtle coin filled the book column and jewel column in first 20 spins. B.C. game has it weighted for the coin of choice I believe. They cheat

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