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Savior Sword 49.2x - the Sword and the Wheel Spin


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I won on Savior Sword 49.2x - the Sword and the Wheel Spin, but I was only betting 0.1 XLM so the payout was only 5.05 XLM. But the cool part is that I used the trick that the dude in the forum posted. I started at 0.1 XLM for a warm up, then I slowly increased to 1.8 XLM and returned to 0.1 XLM and it triggered a 10x and two spins after, this win, so I am kind of shocked because I've tried many times to get a wheel spin and I've only ever gotten it a couple of times in hundreds of spins, then as soon as I try this trick it works! I changed my name yesterday from Worried Elwon to CryptoCoyote, that's why you see two different names.

SaviorSword 49 2x.png

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