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Odds of winning in Initial Draw and some in Final Draw

Monstrous Eberto

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Odds of winning on the initial draw.

Royal Flush - 1 in 649,740 games

Straight Flush - 1 in 72,193 games

Four of a Kind - 1 in 4165 games

Full House - 1 in 694 games

Flush - 1 inn 509 games

Straight - 1 in 255 games

Three of a Kind - 1 in 47 games

Two Pair - 1 in 21 games

Jacks or Better - 1 in 7.69 games

Any Pair - 1 in 2.37 games

Odds of winning on final draw (depends on what you hold) here are a few that you likely run into:

Drawing one car to a royal flush - 1 in 47

Drawing one card to an open ended straight flush - 1 in 24

Turning three of a kind to A Quad - 1 in 24

Turning three of a kind into a full house - 1 in 16

Drawing one card to make a flush - 1 in 5 / Draw two - 1 in 24

Drawing a single card to make an inside straight - 1 in 12

Drawing one card into an open ended straight - 1 in 6

Drawing two cards into an open ended straight - 1 in 23

Turning one pair into two pair - 1 in 9 

Turning two pair into a full house - 1 in 6

These odds are based on Standard Video poker Jacks or Better using a 52 card deck.

These odds are also based on Optimum strategy which is Close to perfect playing strategy.

I will be posting 3 Strategy types soon lookout for Optimum Strategy,  Intermediate Strategy, And Simple Strategy.

Hope to see more winners in Video Poker here at BC.Game




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Awesome, thanks for sharing this - Video poker is prob my favorite game at BC as only a single deck is shuffled and used each round. Most other places use an unlimited deck, which can have some unusual results (usually negative). 

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Ive been trying to see if i catch two of the same suit hear and i haven't. thanks for confirming that with me now i can stop looking for what wont happen. would you be able to answer this question? Does the Random number generator only deal from the remaining 47 cards after we hold or are the cards we don't hold shuffled and could possibly come out again? 

this is usually dependent on whoever programs and im okay with hearing you cant disclose any information about that. so far ive yet to catch a card ive thrown away come back in the final draw. but its hard to keep track sometimes unless i screen record a session lol

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I have always assumed that cards thrown away will not show back up as they would be placed at the bottom of the pile and then shuffled into the rest of the cards only on the next turn. I don't think I have ever seen a card I've thrown out come back for this very reason.

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